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storiaFall in love with our territory

The Province of Frosinone, called Ciociaria to the North and Terra di Lavoro to the South, has a very rich historical heritage that represents a unique journey through the centuries: In Atina, Segni, Alatri, Ferentino, Anagni, Veroli the megalithic walls tell to us about the God Saturn, Arpino and Cassino preserve memories and monuments of the shining Roman age, the ancient abbeys of Casamari, Collepardo and Montecassino were very lively centers in medieval times, and throughout the province there are many places that will fascinate you.



naturaBe surrounded by timeless nature

Just one hour from the cities of Rome and Naples you will find wonderful views and places to relax: the extraordinary Gole del Melfa in Roccasecca, the lakes of Posta Fibreno, San Giovanni Incarico and Canterno, the green Comino Valley, the poetic seaside villages of Sperlonga, Terracina and Gaeta, the gentle mountains reflected in the valleys and rivers are an extraordinary wealth for Lower Lazio, still partly to be explored and that keep their environment unchanged.



enogastronomiaDiscover authentic and timeless tastes

Here you will taste the dishes that over the centuries have made this land famous and that are the basis even of Roman cuisine! From the classic maltagliati (sagnette) with cannellini beans from Atina, to the abbacchio, broccoletti from Roccasecca, the peperoni from Pontecorvo, the typical desserts and the delicious pasta all'uovo home-made like in the past by our cooks, we will certainly satisfy your appetite. Obviously you can accompany the food to the delicious local wines (from the Cesanese di Piglio to the Passerina del Frusinate to the excellent Cabernet di Atina), appreciated all over the world for their taste and balance. Are you hungry? Come and visit us !




Lose yourself in the spirituality of ancient values

The most intense itinerary that you can do in our territory is certainly the one that leads to your soul: the silent cloisters of the abbeys in Cassino, Veroli and Collepardo will give you moments of serenity that you will hardly find in the chaotic everyday life. The works of art and architecture of the Ciocian Cathedrals await you along with the paths of Faith that many pilgrims follow every year on the shady roads of our province.




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