Commercial Property for Sale Sperlonga - Via Torre Truglia

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Torre Truglia 1 complex - In Sperlonga, straddling the Colle San Magno in front of the famous Truglia Tower, at the intersection of the Riviera di Ponente with the Riviera di Levante where the view ranges 360 ° from the Island of Ischia to the Promontory of Circeo, we offer wonderful properties with an inestimable historical value. The splendor of the sea from the terrace of the property becomes a spectacular setting to live in relaxation, but also in company sipping a glass of local wine and in dusk being caught by the magic of sunset. The property overlooks one of the most suggestive areas of the Lazio coast the so-called "Riviera d'Ulysses", 20 meters from the sea and as many from the main Square of Sperlonga area of nightlife and daytime tranquility to enjoy a coffee in the characteristic clubs or dedicate yourself to shopping. The Piazzetta can be reached through a labyrinth of lights and shadows that alleys and staircases create at the passage giving the tourist fabulous views of the sea. Owning a property in Sperlonga not only gives us sea, relaxation and nightlife but also culture, sport, traditions. The oldest church in Sperlonga of the 12th century is Santa Mariae de Spelonche; The Towers built to spot and defend against pirate attacks by sea date back to 1500, one of them Torre Truglia can be admired from the terraces of the property and relive those moments of 1534 that saw it succumb from the hordes of the pirate Barbarossa. Also from the terraces we admire the remains of what was the Villa of Tiberius emperor of Rome that I dress it until the 26th .C. The Museum houses valuable sculptor finds, from the assault of Scyila to the ship of Ulysses, the blinding of the cyclops Polyphemus etc. The property has been and is still frequented by Italian and foreign artists/actors.

We are located 135 km from Fiumicino and 100 km from Capodichino.

€ 600.000
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Total Square Meters: 150 sq.m
Bathrooms: 2
Rooms: 7
State of Preservation: To Be Cleaned
ADSL Coverage
Fastweb Coverage
Bath: By Law
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Terrazzo: 100 sq.m (size 0)
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Last update 14/10/2021
Commercial Property for Sale
Sperlonga - Via Torre Truglia
€ 600.000
150 sq.m
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